Welcome to our free e-mail service

Gmail is the internet services division of Gardale Solutions. Since our inception in 2003, we have provided a variety of internet services to customers within South Africa.

Our free e-mail service includes many exciting features, such as;

  • 10GB mailbox
  • Online file storage
  • Games
  • Weblog
  • Social networking
  • Competitions
  • Videomail
  • Voicemail
  • and much more...

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  • Gmail offers a comprehensive range of internet services. This includes website hosting, ADSL, anti spam, mail branding, collocation hosting and much more.

    Visit the Gmail website

  • Gsupport provides complete corporate IT management and support services. 24/7/365 our staff are available to ensure your businesses IT is running effectively and efficiently.

    Visit the Gsupport website

  • Gdevelop offers online application and quality website development, search engine optimisation, design and consultancy. If you can imagine it, we can develop it!

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  • Gbackup offers a fully automated remote data backup solution. Compression, encryption and parity technology ensures that your data backups are efficient, secure and effective.

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